Side Hung Garage Doors

Side Hung

Benefits of Side Hung Garage Doors

Handy if you don’t keep the car in the garage but are always nipping in and out for the freezer or the washer.

Hormann have now started producing a side hung door made out of the same material as their sectional doors. This means they are now insulated and very secure and overcome some of the shortcomings of timber and single skin steel side hung doors. The quality of the door’s hinges and locking etc has also taken a quantum leap forward.

In the past side hung doors were replaced by up and over doors because they were laborous if you wanted to put the car in the garage. ( opening one leaf at a time, pegging out, driving in and then closing the doors one by one ) However, it is now possible to add remote control to side hung doors and these work really well.

We are agents for Hormann Side Hung Garage Doors in Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

Weaknesses of Side Hung Garage Doors

Laborious, on manual,  if you do want to put the car away as you have to open each leaf and then close them again, one by one.

Need a good deal of drive space to swing out into.

No good if your drive slopes up as they always swing out.

Steel side hung doors can be seen in the Garador PDF download (wooden side hung doors are available in the same designs as the wooden up & over doors).

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