Hormann Garage Doors in Derbyshire


Hörmann are the market leading garage door manufacturers. Hormann have re-invested their profits in their engineering over the years and are now the leaders in quality and design.

Hormann Entrance Doors are head and shoulders above the levels of quality that we are used to in composite and PVC doors in The UK. Hormann Rollmatic are reliable. This cannot be said of other roller doors. Hormann sectional doors remain the gold standard for sectional garage doors. A real “garage door man’s” garage door. Hormann side sectional doors are brilliantly designed. Their new swing doors offer insulated side hung doors for the first time. Hormann’s range of industrial doors is enormous. When you become a fully paid up garage door spotter you will see them everywhere from the fire station to the loading bays at your new Aldi store.

We are the appointed dealers for Hormann in Derbyshire. Whether it be Hormann garage doors in Derbyshire, Hormann Sectional Doors in Derbyshire or Hormann Entrance Doors in Derbyshire, we are the official distributors and have become experts in the Full range of Hormann Doors in Derbyshire. We are experts in Hormann remote control in Derbyshire systems.

We are the appointed dealers for Hormann in Burton too.

When you choose Peak Garage Doors for Garage Doors Derbyshire you are using many years of experience. All our fitters are Hormann trained to meet their exacting standards in the installation of garage doors.